Pinewoods AFH

Pinewoods AFH

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A Loving and Caring Environment for Your Senior Loved One

Place your loved one in a quality elder care facility where they will be taken care of and protected. At Pinewoods AFH in Federal Way, Washington, we provide assisted living services to seniors in need of assistance in their day-to-day living. Using our available resources, we make sure that your aging parents are living comfortably and happily.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced Health Care Team

Your loved ones will be under the care of trained and experienced health professionals. Our registered nurses (BSN/RN/LRN) and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) will see to it that the needs of your parents or relatives are met thoroughly and effectively. For your information, one of our nurses has more than 12 years of experience in acute and long-term care.

Personalized Care

We have a range of accommodations, service levels, and care plans to suit each individual resident. Our customized services are specially designed to ensure that your aging parent receives proper care and treatment.


Your aging parent is safe with us. As one of our security measures, we make it a standard practice to perform background checks on employees. In addition to outdoor surveillance cameras installed in our care facility, the entire vicinity of Twin Lakes is protected by round-the-clock security patrol. On top of that, we are located near the fire department so your loved ones are guaranteed safe in case of fire.

Scenic and Peaceful

Our waterfront view allows your senior parents to relax and unwind. Such a serene and quiet environment is perfect for your loved one’s daily activities, which include reading, meditating, and exercise.

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